Digital Dentistry

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Digital Dentistry

Artisan Dental Laboratory is committed to staying updated with the latest technology and processes in the industry. We believe that investing in digital dentistry will not only help our laboratory, but also help our dentists through increased consistency and a wider range of available restorations. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with high-quality technology that helps us ensure that every case we receive is fulfilled with optimum esthetics, fit, and function.

Our team utilizes a wide array of equipment to craft our restorations, including scanners, mills, and 3D printers. Our Carbon 3D Printer has allowed us to offer the latest digital innovation to our clinical partners, digital dentures. These dentures are just one example of how our digital investments translate directly as benefits for practices. Our digital denture offering allows for reduced chair time, increased patient satisfaction, and more.

Digital Benefits

  • Easy Collaboration Between Lab & Practice
  • Superior Fit, Function, & Esthetics
  • No Hassle with Digital Impressions & Submissions
  • Improved Patient Satisfaction
  • Allows for Continuous Growth and Advancement
  • Latest Digital Innovations Available