Mandibular Advancement Devices

Your patients can rest easily knowing that Artisan offers the TAP®3 Elite, EMA Custom Appliance and Respire. Our sleep therapy appliances relieve pressure and are comfortable to wear, allowing patients with sleep complications to breathe easier and sleep soundly.

TAP®3 Elite - 5 Days In Lab

The TAP® is a custom-made adjustable appliance that is worn while sleeping. The trays of the appliance, which look like teeth whitening trays, snap over the upper and lower teeth and hook together. The TAP® holds the lower jaw in a forward position so that it does not shift or fall open during the night. This prevents the airway from collapsing. (The George Gauge bite required)
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EMA Custom Appliance - 5 Days In Lab

The EMA Custom appliance has a series of elastic straps of varying lengths and strengths that hold the patient’s jaw forward to open the airway. The EMA’s flexibility allows for movement and TMJ comfort.
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George Gauge - 5 Days In Lab

Appliance therapy for obstructive apnea relies on mandibular advancement to protect the patients’ airway during sleep. The George Gauge was developed to provide a means to position the mandible and record jaw relationships.
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