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Complete Denture – 6 Days In Lab

Our dentures are conventionally manufactured using SR Ivocap High Impact denture base material, the SR Ivocap Injection system for processing acrylic, and Mondial denture teeth from Kulzer. By continuously injecting high impact acrylic, we’re able to reduce any dimensional changes to a fraction of that experienced by traditional processing methods. The result is a prosthesis with excellent fit, natural esthetics, and durability. Patient’s names are laser engraved on each case. Our standard denture includes palatal anatomy and general festooning.

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Removable Partial Dentures

Cobalt-Chrome Frame- 10 Days In Lab

The frame is induction cast from NobilStar Ultra alloy. Ivoclar Probase acrylic is conventionally processed with Kulzer’s Mondial teeth complete the prosthesis. Unique physical properties of the alloy enable the technician to achieve sound, strong, resilient frames designed to fit and to function well during a long and useful life. Available with optional clear or tooth colored clasps.

  • Superior cast frameworks
  • Professionally designed for patient’s individual needs
  • Maximum fit and function
  • Ultimate in durability and longevity
  • Long clinical history of patient satisfaction
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Duraflex™ – 5 Days In Lab

A metal-free RPD consisting of an advanced thermoplastic with a semi-crystalline polymer structure that is manufactured through a heat and injection process. Made with Kulzer’s Mondial teeth. In many cases it is possible to rebase, repair, and add teeth. Comes in a variety of shades.

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Flex-Sil – 5 Days In Lab

Ideal for periodontally involved teeth, our gasketed partial denture offers a metal-free alternative to the cast partial denture. It is a patented tissue-bearing appliance featuring a soft elastomeric gasket that clasps the neck of each natural tooth.

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Thermoflex® – 3 Days In Lab

Thermoflex® is an improved acetyl resin system with many benefits of metal free restorations. With its high abrasion resistance, flexibility and excellent tensile and shock strength, Thermoflex® is a performance material that delivers long lasting function. Used for clasps, complete partials, bridge work and more, Thermoflex® stands up to the forces that can fracture acrylics. Offering durable performance, excellent retention and 19 tooth and tissue colors for esthetics, THERMOFLEX® is the metal free material for removable restorations with ideal flexibility for multiple applications.

Visiclear Clasps – 3 Days In Lab

VisiClear/Thermoflex® is the ultimate choice for reliability and esthetics. VisiClear/Thermoflex® clasps are flexible, strong, and stain resistant; a great choice for your next dental appliance (Thermoflex® available in 8 shades).

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Laser Welding Service

At Artisan Dental Laboratory we offer a range of laser welding services. With our laser welder we can add clasps, repair partials, join attachments and connectors, just to name a few possibilities. We also use the welder to create innovative solutions to individual case challenges, and to aid in the overall quality and fit of our bridges. A real problem solver! We are finding ways to fix cases that previously required remakes!

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