Occlusal Guards

Our selection of occlusal guards was chosen to meet the various needs of your patients. View our full list of our products below. Not sure which is best for your patient? Our experienced team of technicians is available to discuss your needs and expectations.

Artisan Digital Bruxguard (ADB) – 4 Days In Lab

Our unique thermoplastic treatment appliance that is comfortable for your patients to wear. The Bruxguard combines the advantages of a hard acrylic splint with those of a soft splint. It is easy to adjust, very comfortable and has an accurate fit.

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Acrylic Occlusal Guard – 4 Days In Lab

Milled from a solid block of material to eliminate the inaccuracies associated with polymerization shrinkage, our acrylic occlusal guards exhibit accurate fit and highly polished finish. Our most durable option to protect against parafunctional habits by preventing excessive wear on natural dentition and dental restorations.

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NG360 Night Guard – 4 Days In Lab

A dual laminate night guard with a soft internal and hard occlusal surface. Extremely comfortable and easy to adjust. Unless otherwise specified, it is clear in appearance, but available in 2 colors – Blue or Pink for an additional fee.

NG360 NightGuard

Pro-form® Mouth Guard – 4 Days In Lab

Pro-form® mouth guards are fabricated from a dual EVA laminated material and considered an industry leader in custom mouth guards. Pro-form® has excellent tensile strength and comes in a variety of colors to customize. Does not contain latex, BPA, gluten, or monomer.

Proform Sports Guard