Artisan Digital Bruxguard (ADB)

Artisan Digital Bruxguard (ADB)

We’re excited about our newest night guard option!

Utilizing an innovative photopolymer material and advanced digital manufacturing technology, the ADB is a thermal-sensitive, monolithic appliance that offers easier seating appointments for you and improved comfort and protection for your patients.

Whether you submit analog or digital impressions, your records are uploaded into our CAD software to plan your case. Our technicians have complete control over the design of the appliance: architecture, material thickness, retention, and offset are some of the considerations in planning your case. Next, the design is evaluated. Factors such as occlusal contacts and excursive movements are checked, and the design is adjusted if necessary.

The final design is then manufactured digitally. This process improves the accuracy, quality, and consistency of our Bruxguards. These results could not be achieved with conventional manufacturing processes.

Artisan Digital Bruxguard (ADB)
Artisan Digital Bruxguard (ADB)
Artisan Digital Bruxguard (ADB)
Artisan Digital Bruxguard (ADB)

INDICATIONS: For mild/moderate bruxism or protection of restorations.

PRODUCTION TIME: 4 business days in the laboratory. Does not include transportation to and from the lab.

PRICE: $185

WARRANTYs: 2 years for workmanship and materials.

RECOMMENDED RECORDS: Full arch models or impressions. Case will be facet mounted unless you provide a bite and request it be used (recommended when re-positioning the mandible). Analog or digital records accepted. If pouring models, use dental stone.

Miscellaneous: *FDA 510k cleared and Class 11a certified

INSERTION: Soak or rinse for 1 minute in approximately 100°F water or until soft. Gently seat (Do not bite) night guard into place.

REMOVAL: Loosen both sides simultaneously. Do not torque or twist.

CLEANING & MAINTENANCE: Regular cleaning of your oral appliance are critical to its appearance and longevity. Mild soaps such as Dawn, or over-the-counter cleaning agents designed for oral devices such as Polident or Efferdent (Do not soak in any liquid for over an hour) have been determined safe to use. If necessary, use a soft bristle brush for removal of debris.

BIOCOMPATIBLE: Passed ISO 10993 requirements for cytotoxicity, sensitization, and irritation.
Contains acrylate monomers and polymers which may cause reaction for patients with acrylic allergies and sensitivities.


  • Avoid exposure prolonged exposure to water greater than 115°F as it may cause distortion in the appliance.
  • Avoid exposure to alcohol (mouthwash)
  • Appliance softens in warm water, but is not re-programmable

If adjustments and polishing are required, the following instruments are recommended:

Brasseler Valplast Adjusting & Polishing System

Komet for adjusting and polishing our ADB