Additional Services

Artisan Dental Laboratory offers a variety of extra services designed to add value to your patient’s restoration. View our of additional services below.

Chairside Conversions

Making the transition from a standard removable denture to an implant-supported denture can be difficult for patients. By working with our doctors chairside, we can replicate your patient’s removable restoration into a provisional while the implants are placed. Your patient can feel at ease leaving the lab with a functional smile while their implants heal.

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Reline & Repair

To maintain an accurate custom fit, cast and flexible dentures require frequent adjustments. Our team of skilled technicians can change a patient’s existing restorative appliance to fit the changing anatomy of your patient while keeping the durability and integrity of the original structural material.

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In-Office Custom Shade Service

We offer in-office shade matching to achieve the most accurate representation of your patient’s natural dentition

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Diagnostic Wax-Ups

It can be difficult for patients to visualize what their restorative product will look like, which is why we can provide your patient with a diagnostic wax-up to help facilitate the process. Not only do diagnostic wax-ups benefit patients, but they also help doctors in making any adjustments before implementing the patient’s final restoration.

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