Client Appreciation Giveaway

Take part in the Client Appreciation Giveaway and have a chance to win amazing prizes!

Starting on September 1, 2023 and running through November 30, 2023 we are offering you a chance to win one of four great prizes for doing nothing more than filling out an entry form that you will receive with every case that you submit to our lab. Each case will qualify as an entry, so the more cases you submit the greater your odds of winning!

Prize Options:

  • A full day at a Spa for you and a friend with a value of $1000
  • 18 holes for four at Salishan Golf Links with a value of $1000
  • $1000 Cash
  • $1000 Apple Gift Card

Each form will include space for the doctor’s name and team member’s name. Both names on the entry form will win a prize! The doctor’s name on the entry form will win a prize of their choice.  The team member’s name on the entry form gets to pick a prize and share with the team.


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