Our most popular night guard has gone digital!  A few months ago, we began testing a new material and manufacturing process to fabricate our Bruxguards. With improved outcomes and great feedback from our customers, we have officially converted the manufacturing of all our Bruxguards from manual to digital. The result is easier seating appointments for your and improved comfort and durability for your patients.

Try our DuraFlex™ partials. Made from a polyolefin thermoplastic polymer by our highly trained technicians, these partial dentures are:
-Comfortable, esthetic, and light weight
-Easily polished and adjusted
-Available in 5 tissue shades
-Stain and odor resistant
-BPA and monomer free
-Repairable (able to add teeth and are re-based instead of re-lined).

Interested? Call Angela at 800-222-6271.

Our STZ restorations are fabricated in monolithic form from 5Y-zirconia. STZ restorations exhibit translucency on par with pressed ceramics and vitality to match natural teeth-especially in the high value, low chroma shade range. With a flexural strength of 769 MPa, this material is indicated for crowns and 3-unit bridges.

Preparation Requirements:
Anterior: .8 mm chamfer margin, 1.0 mm axial reduction, 1.5mm incisal reduction
Posterior: .8mm chamfer margin, 1.2 mm axial reduction, 1.5 mm occlusal reduction

Tips for Success with STZ:
-Limit prescription of STZ to crowns and 3-unit bridges from 2nd premolar forward if unable to achieve 1.5 mm occlusal reduction in the posterior.
-Cut preparations with deep chamfer margin and smooth, rounded contours for optimal fit.
-Provide prep shades and shade photos for improved shade matching and esthetics.
-Adjust with fine diamonds, heavy irrigation, and light pressure to minimize heat generation.
-Polish with diamond impregnated wheels, points, and cups and intra-oral polishing paste.

Questions? Call and ask for Jessica or Sarah