Try our DuraFlex™ partials. Made from a polyolefin thermoplastic polymer by our highly trained technicians, these partial dentures are:
-Comfortable, esthetic, and light weight
-Easily polished and adjusted
-Available in 5 tissue shades
-Stain and odor resistant
-BPA and monomer free
-Repairable (able to add teeth and are re-based instead of re-lined).

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Our STZ restorations are fabricated in monolithic form from 5Y-zirconia. STZ restorations exhibit translucency on par with pressed ceramics and vitality to match natural teeth-especially in the high value, low chroma shade range. With a flexural strength of 769 MPa, this material is indicated for crowns and 3-unit bridges.

Preparation Requirements:
Anterior: .8 mm chamfer margin, 1.0 mm axial reduction, 1.5mm incisal reduction
Posterior: .8mm chamfer margin, 1.2 mm axial reduction, 1.5 mm occlusal reduction

Tips for Success with STZ:
-Limit prescription of STZ to crowns and 3-unit bridges from 2nd premolar forward if unable to achieve 1.5 mm occlusal reduction in the posterior.
-Cut preparations with deep chamfer margin and smooth, rounded contours for optimal fit.
-Provide prep shades and shade photos for improved shade matching and esthetics.
-Adjust with fine diamonds, heavy irrigation, and light pressure to minimize heat generation.
-Polish with diamond impregnated wheels, points, and cups and intra-oral polishing paste.

Questions? Call and ask for Jessica or Sarah