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Artisan Dental Laboratory proves that a laboratory can be successful by building relationships through education, putting customers first and delivering a consistent, premium product for every case. In addition to providing ongoing training for our technicians, we also continuously look forward so that we can implement new time and labor-saving devices and processes as they become available. We work with our customers to take advantage of the products and techniques that provide the most value to their patients.


In January 2003, Justan Koch took over as president, managing the company’s day-to-day operations. Karl Koch became “semiretired “ as chairman of the board, where he serves in an advisory capacity and evaluates long-range possibilities for company growth.

Department Managers

In nearly 30 years of serving the dental community, Artisan has learned that each dentist has his or her own particular likes and dislikes. The best way to learn these preferences is to meet in person and determine what services Artisan offers that best fit the needs of each dentist. The company’s department managers work hard to keep dentists happy, getting to know them along with their preferences and specifications, which ultimately results in better service to patients.


Our technicians are proud of the high-quality work they do and often stay with the company for many, many years. To ensure the highest-quality craftsmanship, every one of our technicians goes through the Productivity Training Corporation (PTC) training system—the most comprehensive in our industry. It provides a vocabulary and set of technical benchmarks for every technician, which leads to better communication within our staff as well as with our customers.


Our seven prompt, friendly drivers are the primary go-betweens between Artisan and our customers. Their job is to ensure that customers receive completed cases as quickly as possible so that they can, in turn, provide fast service to patients.

Customer Service Staff

If the drivers are the faces of Artisan, then the customer service staff is the heart. Our customer service staff acts as the hub of the organization, doing all the coordinating and managing billing, pickups, deliveries, checking cases, phones, two-way radio contact with the drivers, etc.